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Furnace Service You Can Count On

Modern furnaces are built with durability, reliability, and function in mind. There are several types of furnaces to choose from, all with various advantages. The furnaces of today can even last upwards of 20 to 30 years. However, like all other components of our home HVAC systems, our furnaces can lose efficiency and may become more prone to failure over time.

Luckily, furnace inspections can prevent and fix any problems before they turn into costly repairs. When winter weather rolls around, homeowners across Bucks County and Montgomery County rely on their furnace services to make their homes cozy and safe. Furnace maintenance ensures that our furnaces can keep us comfortable all winter long.

We know that furnace services can be stressful. You may find yourself worrying about furnace replacements and other expenses. When it comes to scheduling furnace services, Dilling is here to help you every step of the way. From furnace tune-ups to furnace repair, our licensed technicians work hard to provide you with the most affordable and trustworthy services in the area. Avoid the need for emergency furnace repair and schedule maintenance with us today!


What is a Furnace Inspection?

During furnace maintenance, an experienced technician will start by inspecting your system to identify any faulty parts or minor problems. Inspections include a complete visual examination of the furnace, followed by any necessary tests, cleanings, and repairs.

Technicians follow similar procedures when performing oil, gas, and electric furnace inspections. However, there are some differences between these furnace services that are worth noting. For example, a professional will need to inspect the oil burner during oil furnace maintenance and other oil furnace services. Oil furnace maintenance also involves replacing oil filters and checking for soot around the unit.

During a gas furnace inspection, a technician will check for gas leaks and listen for unusual noises. Additionally, gas furnace maintenance involves checking the gas connections and pressure to make sure everything is running smoothly. Gas furnace services require that the furnace is shut off before a professional can perform any further tests or maintenance.

Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

All HVAC technicians have comprehensive checklists for performing electric, oil, and gas furnace inspections. Every step during a furnace inspection is vital in ensuring your system’s longevity and proper function. Some tasks the technician will perform include:

Feel Secure With Electric Furnace Inspection

No matter what type of furnace you have, you can rest assured that professional furnace service will help your system run at peak performance. During an electric furnace inspection, for instance, a technician will check all electrical connections. Faulty electrical connections can result in poor overall function, which you’ll desperately want to avoid during the winter.

When you schedule an electric furnace inspection, you will receive a thermostat check, a blower belt inspection, and more. Like all preventative electric furnace services, you should schedule electric furnace maintenance at least once a year. Many consider fall to be the best time of year for a furnace inspection. However, there is never a wrong time to schedule furnace service. The sooner, the better!

Schedule Furnace Maintenance With Dilling

It’s crucial to schedule furnace services every year. Electric, gas, or oil furnace maintenance service could mean the difference between sleeping comfortably in the winter and shivering through the night. Dilling’s experienced furnace technicians provide premier furnace tune-ups to homeowners in Bucks County and Montgomery County. Contact us today to schedule gas furnace service and more!

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