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Comprehensive Boiler Services

Like every other component in our home HVAC system, our boilers require tune-ups at least once a year. These annual boiler services can extend the life of your unit while improving your system’s overall efficiency. Plus, boiler tune-ups can help prevent boiler repairs further down the line.

If you’re ready to schedule your boiler maintenance, Dilling is here to help. Our experienced boiler technicians provide leading boiler services, including boiler inspections and emergency boiler repair. Call us today to chat with one of our HVAC experts and learn which boiler service is best for your Bucks County home.

Boiler Inspections: What to Expect

Your daily routine is busy as it is; the last thing you want is a broken boiler. That’s why we recommend scheduling routine inspections and boiler maintenance at least once every year. If you want to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your entire HVAC system, then a boiler tune-up is one boiler service you should never skip.

Best Oil Burners for Home Heating in PA and NJ

Our experienced boiler technicians will first perform a thorough visual inspection and clean components as needed during boiler maintenance. During the boiler inspection, our experts also perform tests to ensure that all parts are working as they should.

We service all boiler makes and models and provide only the best electric, oil, and gas boiler tune-ups.

Gas Boiler Inspection

If you have a gas boiler, you require a thorough inspection of your entire unit to identify any repairs or damages. Our gas boiler maintenance services are performed on time and to your standards. With Dilling, you can rest assured that your gas boiler tune-ups are completed in an accurate, quick, and reliable manner. Call us today to learn more about our gas boiler maintenance and discover why Dilling is the area’s leading HVAC company for gas boiler services.

Electric Boiler Inspection

Electric boilers are known to be incredibly dependable and energy-efficient. At the same time, annual electric boiler maintenance is still a necessity. When it comes to oil, gas, and electric boiler tune-ups, it’s the little details that make the most significant difference.

Dilling understands that performing an inspection during an electric boiler tune-up requires complete attention and leading equipment. That’s why our experts are Nexstar Certified and kept up to date on training.

The most trustworthy electric boiler service can mean the difference between a shivering household and a safe, comfortable home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to establishing trust with our Montgomery County customers. No matter the electric boiler service you need, our experts will be there to help.

Boiler Maintenance FAQ

Proper boiler maintenance is essential to maintaining your home’s comfort and safety. At Dilling, our team of experienced technicians can provide comprehensive boiler maintenance services to ensure that yours is operating at peak efficiency. We will thoroughly inspect all the components of your boiler system and make any necessary repairs or replacements, helping you avoid costly breakdowns down the road. Conducting regular checkups for your heating system also minimizes operating and energy costs with improved energy efficiency, bolsters equipment life, and improves safety. With regular maintenance from Dilling, you can trust that your boiler will be running smoothly all year round!

A boiler should be serviced at least once a year to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently. Yearly maintenance can help prevent any potential problems from arising, as well as catch any existing issues before they become more serious. At Dilling, we recommend having your boiler inspected and serviced every 12 months to make sure it is functioning properly and providing you with the best performance possible. At Dilling, our boiler maintenance checklist includes:

  • Checking for visible signs of damage or corrosion
  • Test safety controls and control settings to ensure they are working and in place
  • Ensuring all controls and switches are functioning correctly
  • Visually inspecting the combustion air opening, burner flame, and flue gas vent piping
  • Examine boiler hydronic piping for leaks
  • Inspect the heat exchanger of the boiler
  • Inspecting all pumps and motorized components for proper operation
  • Examining the boiler relief valve and operating temperature settings
  • Examine the condensate drain line
  • Cleaning any dust or debris from the components of the boiler to ensure proper airflow

When properly maintained, boilers can last an average of 10-15 years. Some boilers may last longer than 15 years if they are higher quality models or if they receive regular maintenance and boiler repair. It is important to keep up with annual maintenance in order to extend the lifespan of your boiler and ensure it operates properly for as long as possible. To schedule maintenance, contact Dilling today. One of our expert technicians will be able to properly examine your boiler room and heating system to ensure everything is in working order.

Proper boiler maintenance is integral to ensure your system runs correctly and safely. It includes checking the pressure of the boiler and adjusting it accordingly, inspecting for any physical damage or corrosion, replacing defective parts, regularly cleaning all accessible parts, ensuring adequate ventilation around the unit, and optimizing fuel efficiency by adjusting related components. Taking these steps can extend the lifespan of your boiler significantly, as well as reduce costs associated with running and operating it. Additionally, you’ll have better heat output and a safer home overall, thanks to regular maintenance.

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