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Top-tier Furnace Installation & Replacement Services

All across Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA, homeowners blast their ACs during the warm spring and hot summer months. As a result, it can be easy to overlook your furnace, and you may forget to schedule your annual furnace maintenance.

You might even think your furnace is in perfect working condition—until you turn it on one cold day and realize there’s no heat. Before you start to panic, contact Dilling for all of your furnace installation needs.
Our expert furnace installers offer a wide array of affordable furnace installation services, from furnace replacements to emergency furnace repair. Call us today to learn more about our dependable furnace installations.

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We’re here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.

Your Friendly Furnace Installers


Dilling services all top heating systems, including oil furnaces and electric furnaces, for incredibly affordable prices. No matter the time of day or day of the week, you can always trust us to install your new furnace right and on time.
In general, home furnaces are designed to last for many years. The average lifespan is 15 to 20 years for gas furnaces, 20 to 25 years for oil furnaces, and 20 to 30 years for electric furnaces. Regardless of which system you favor, Dilling is happy to service them all. We boast a wide variety of affordable furnace replacement options. We understand that every Bucks County and Montgomery County home is unique, which is why we offer only the best furnace replacements to fit your needs.

Benefits of a New Furnace

A new, reliable furnace replacement will guarantee that your household is warm this winter. However, there are countless other benefits to furnace installations that you might not realize. New furnaces can increase your home’s overall comfort. For instance, after installing a replacement furnace, you may experience improved airflow and more consistent heating throughout your rooms. Switching out an old system with a new furnace installation will have you wasting less energy and potentially saving on your energy bills.

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Affordable Gas Furnace Replacement

Without a doubt, natural gas furnaces are a popular choice for homeowners across the country. Gas units are highly efficient, with their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings (AFUE) reaching upwards of 98 percent. Since natural gas is known to burn clean, gas units may require less frequent maintenance than their oil equivalents. Of course, you should still schedule at least one annual tune-up to ensure that your gas furnace is working as smoothly as possible.

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Choosing an Electric Furnace Replacement

If you are overwhelmed by your furnace replacement options, consider the benefits of electric furnaces. Along with their long lifespans, electric units tend to be more affordable than gas furnaces and don’t require fuel delivery. Our homes run on electricity, which means electric furnaces always have a readily available fuel source.
While you might think your current system only needs a furnace repair, a furnace replacement may be your best option. If your furnace is more than 15 years old and exhibits poor performance, it’s likely time to call Dilling’s licensed furnace installers.
When you choose us for your furnace replacement services, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re receiving an accurate estimate and a dependable replacement furnace for the best price. We’re happy to offer leading furnace replacement services in the Bucks County and Montgomery County region. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a furnace to your home can be expensive. Of course, the cost depends on the type and size that you need to heat your space, but you should expect to spend upwards of a few thousand dollars. On average, the cost may range between $2,000 – $5,000 and possibly more for a top-of-the-line model. Other factors that could affect the overall price are additional materials needed for installation and any necessary updates or services from a qualified technician. Taking all of this into account, it’s important to do research and decide what will work best for your needs as an investment. Dilling HVAC experts can give you a free in home consultation for your furnace installation.


Installing a furnace is a highly technical task that requires the expertise of a trained professional. Without the right knowledge and tools, you could be putting yourself and your home at serious risk. Furthermore, mistakes in the process could lead to fatal carbon monoxide leakage or other costly repairs down the line. To ensure optimal safety and effectiveness, it’s best to leave this task to the professionals at Dilling HVAC. But don’t forget to ask questions throughout the installation process and check out online reviews for extra assurance of quality work!


Furnace installation involves a wide variety of steps to ensure it is working safely and efficiently in your home. This typically includes preparation work, such as measuring the base area, checking existing ducts and fuel lines, and assembling the parts needed for installation. To install the furnace itself, it will be wired up according to specific measurements related to its size and design, connected to ductwork or other ventilation systems using an appropriate-sized pipe, and hooked up to fuel lines and gas shut-off valves. During the installation process, adjustments may need to be made so that the furnace is operating correctly in accordance with safety protocols. Finally, after all of these steps have been completed, the venting system will be tested for leaks or any other issues that could potentially cause harm.


Installing a new gas furnace can be a challenging and time-consuming task if it’s not done properly. It requires knowledge of local building codes, ventilation requirements, the correct size and type of equipment, and the ability to safely connect the exhaust piping. Fortunately, the technicians at Dilling HVAC are knowledgeable and experienced in installing furnaces in a wide variety of settings. They ensure that all steps are taken to maximize energy efficiency, save money on energy costs over time, and keep your home safe for years to come. With their expert installation service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furnace is installed correctly from start to finish.


Replacing a furnace can be expensive but the benefits it offers can be well worth the cost. Dilling HVAC understands that pumping money into replacing a furnace is a big decision and will provide you with all the facts needed to make an educated decision. The new furnaces on the market are far more energy-efficient than those of years ago and can even help reduce your monthly utility bills. On top of that, newer models come with advanced technology that makes them safer and easier to use. From improved air quality to decreased energy costs, replacing a furnace can offer numerous advantages for homeowners. With skilled technicians and quality services, Dilling HVAC is ready to offer sound advice and expert installation work so that your family can enjoy the many benefits of having a new natural gas furnace.


Replacing your furnace filter is an important part of regular home maintenance, but there are varying opinions about how often it should be done. Generally speaking, residential air filters should be changed once every one to three months for optimal efficiency. However, if anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, it may be beneficial to increase the frequency up to once a month. Additionally, homes with animals that shed a lot of hair or fur may require more frequent replacements. It’s a good idea to test the filter monthly for dirtiness and dust buildup—if you notice it’s getting dirty quickly, consider switching out the filter more often than normal. Overall, paying attention to the type and condition of your air filter will help optimize its performance and keep your family safe and comfortable.

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