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Why Is My Water Heater Not Making Enough Hot Water


We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying a hot shower when suddenly the water turns warm and eventually cold. It can be a frustrating experience, especially if you still have to rinse soap and shampoo off! But why is the water heater not keeping up with your household’s hot water demands? There are several reasons why a water heater won’t make enough hot water. Some causes can be corrected easily, while others may require a water heater replacement.

Here we’ll discuss several of the reasons why your water heater isn’t making enough hot water for your home. 

Sediment and Rust Build-Up

One of the issues you may face when your water heater isn’t meeting the household’s hot water demands is the possibility of sediment and rust build-up. Over time, the minerals naturally found in water can accumulate in the water heater’s holding tank. If left unchecked, they can negatively affect the burner’s ability to heat the stored water. Not only does this reduce the amount of hot water available to the home, but it also increases energy usage as the heater struggles to maintain water temperatures. Additionally, any rust present may indicate you’ll need to replace the unit. 

In order to correct this potential problem, yearly water heater maintenance is suggested. During a scheduled maintenance visit, the technician will drain the water heater completely, eliminating any built-up sediments. They can also check for the presence of rust in the drained water.

Incorrect Temperature Settings

Another cause of insufficient hot water coming from your water heater is an incorrect temperature setting on the unit. Almost all water heaters allow you to set the temperature via a thermostat. If the thermostat setting is too low, the water heater will not be able to provide adequate hot water throughout the home. Always make sure to check your water heater’s thermostat if you’re not getting enough hot water.

Excess Demand

Having too many appliances running and taking a hot shower can also put a strain on your water heater. If the household’s demands exceed the water heater’s ability, you’ll be struggling to maintain hot water. Try to run dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances that use hot water at different times during the day. That way, your water heater will be able to keep up with whatever hot water needs you have.

Improperly-Sized Unit

Sometimes, the lack of hot water from your water heater has to do more with the initial installation than anything else happening in the home. A water heater that has too small a capacity for a home can result in not having enough hot water. Unfortunately, in cases like this, you’ll have to contact a professional to help correctly size a unit that will meet your household requirements. Additionally, in cases where hot water is always needed, homeowners should consider a tankless water heater that instantly heats water when needed.

A Problem With the Water Heater

Finally, the lack of available hot water may result from something wrong with your water heater. There are a number of problems that can inhibit a water heater’s ability to make hot water. These can include an issue with the heating element, the dip tube, or any other unit component. You’ll need to speak with a technician if you suspect something else is occurring with your water heater.

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